Shooting and Single for Men and Women · 17.+18. Nov.

Nov. 18.
Single  / Tête  WOMEN  ·  MEN

Nov. 18 (Photos Sukjai Eschbach)
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Nov. 17. (Photos Sukjai Eschbach)
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Shooting / Schießen Women · Men

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Sport on the Beach

On the 4th petanque day of Asian Beach Games, there was the final round in singles and two gold medals for Thailand. In both high-class finals, the spectators were thrilled with.In the single women had Manyvanh from Laos the penultimate shot for thevictory – but she was a bit too long. Her opponent Wannida Rooyoo from Thailand ended the game with 13:11 the next end.

8000_1288On the mens Suranath Pahdungsao won with 13: 6 the second gold medal for Thailand. His opponent Hafizuddin Mat from Malaysia made the game always exciting.

8000_1318The 3rd day of petanque at the Asian Beach Games was dominated by the Shooters. For men, For men, we had 7 starters from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnal, Laos, Singapore, China, for women only 5 from Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore.

Some pictures of the day
8000_1189The supporters from Thailand – with music, drumming, singing to victory
Der thailändische Fanclub, lautstark mit Musik, Trommeln, Gesang
8000_1175The team of Laos are outside supportd –
Das ganze Team von Laos unterstützt ihre Spielerin auf dem Platz
8000_1187With so much joy in life, the tourists are infectedd
Bei so viel Lebensfreude werden auch die Badegäste angesteckt
8000_1038The higher the throw, the deeper the holed
Je höher die Portées, je tiefer die Einschlaglöcher
8000_0938Turn the wheel together for petanque sport
Drehen gemeinsam am Rad für den Petanque Sport
8000_0934VIP visit, Mr. Thein Win, Chairman of the Petanque Federation of Myanmar and member of the Olympic Committee
Hoher Besuch, Mr. Thein Win, Präsident des Petanqueverbandes von Myanmar und Mitglied des Olympischen Komittes
8000_0930Per thumbs each news immediately goes around the world
Per Daumen jede Neuigkeit geht sofort rund um die Welt

8000_0783The favorite Thailand had to be content with the bronze medal for women and men. The results are significantly lower compared to other competitions. It had to be shot on a wooden base in the soft sand. Any ball that was a little too short, jumped over.

 TirSiegerFrauenShooting Women
GOLD: Le Thanh Thao Tran (Vietnam),
SILVER: Khoun Souksavit (Laos)
BRONZE: Oranit Natmanee (Thailand) and Nur Izzati Binte Ismail (Singapore)

8000-TireureShooting Men
GOLD: Zhi Ming Cheng (Singapore),
SILVER: Bouadeng Vongvone (Laos)
BRONZE: Ngoc Kiet Tran  (Vietnam) and Vatchara Songma (Thailand)

Moreover, today was the qualification round for single women and men. Qualified for the Semifinal tomorrow:

Women: Thailand vs. Myanmar and Laos vs. Malaysia
Men: Vietnam Vs. Thailand and Malaysia vs. Laos

Here some pictures of the day:

8000_MedalSo it looks and is desired by all: the gold medal.

8000_ABG_ThaiWShooting under palm trees overlooking the sea and ocean liners.

8000_ABG_StrandMany tourists have other interests on the beautiful Patong beach

8000_ABG_Schulklasse2The schools had a day off at the Beach Games

8000FegerThe helper made circle always clean and pure

8000_ABG_CHINThe shooter from China made a blind throw before each shot

8000_0795My first autographs

Next door sports today:


At sea, the jet skiers searching for their number 1

8000_0819Beach Sepaktakraw with much artistry